November Joy

November is always a very busy month in the studio as people are starting to think about Christmas – and Christmas is always about family.
One of the great things has been the garden, so our families can be outdoors as well as in the studio and with the weather being so great  ( well dry and sunny, if a tad cold! ) we have taken some amazing outdoor shots, which everyone loves.
Outside the lighting is so different and the colours are so vibrant.  We have had some great things that have been brought in that have been very arty and unusual as well as slides, tents, a Lambretta and fab hats!  Not forgetting the beloved pets, obviously we have had dogs, but also snails, rabbits and snakes just to mention a few!!
This time of year the garden still looks great with lots of different colours in it.  Most of the flowers are gone but the warm winter colours shine through.
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